Farmgate-How it all began

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So here I am, mother of two, unemployed and not too excited about leaving my three month old to go back to work. Plus, none of the applications that I've sent out has yielded anything promising. So what's a girl to do?

I have come to consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I have so many business ideas swirling around in my head that sometimes I don't even know where to begin. I have always wanted to do business online, that I know, but what kind of business? Then out of nowhere, literally, nowhere, it came to me, like an "aha" moment: why not sell farm produce online? Seems like such a stretch doesn't it? I mean think about it, one of the oldest occupations, farming, having any association with the internet, especially in Jamaica where most people only use the internet to "pop-style" via the various social media platforms. But people buy food and farm produce everyday, so why can't they do it online? I believe that they can, and they will!

I have launched Farmgate E-Market to prove that there is no reason why farm produce in Jamaica cannot be sold over the internet to Jamaicans, like its done in so many other places in the world.  And, well, to make some money. All I have to do is put myself in the shoe on my potential customers to know that there is a need for this service.

I remember being at work before and suddenly remembering that I have no thyme or scallion, or pumpkin-or anything for that matter, to add to the soup I've been craving for dinner. Has this ever happened to you? Sure, I could stop by  the local supermarket on my way home, but who really wants to do that, especially if you have to contend with rush hour traffic.

If this sounds like you, relax, that's where Farmgate E-Market comes in. All you have to do is log onto this website, browse our products and place your order. If its not too late in the day, you can have your items delivered to you at work before end of day, and you pay cash on delivery (COD) when you receive your items.

With Farmgate E-Market, you can go to the market from the convenience of you desktop, tablet, smartphone or any other internet enabled device. So skip the hassel, let us bring the market to you! 

Please join me in this venture by placing your orders online and allowing me and my team to serve you. I'll be blogging weekly about my experience along the way so that you can be a part of the journey. I am longing to see more Jamaican entrepreneurs engaged in ecommerce, so I hope that I can be an inspiration in some way.

One love!

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  • Firstly I must say,wonderful biography. Comenable as it’s relating to how you came about your unique/uplifting idea,current situation and also how you executed your plan.
    I think a person with your ability has great online marketing skills.
    With focus and dedication you will achieve greatness.
    I strongly believe in and support anything thats benefitial to man kind.
    Anything you choose to consume form Mother Nature should be best regardless of how cheap or expensive it might be.
    On the other hand,selling products that are Offordable is an amazing thing. You’re not just selling for the chosen,it is for everyone; so is a healthy diet and a longer life. I can also guarantee you,you will love a longer and a healthyer life.
    Farmgate – E Market has the best in all your consumption needs. Place your order today.

    White boy on
  • Thanks for the delivery I was happy.

    Sonia Montague on

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