Mushroom, Strawberries, what's next?

Mushroom, Strawberries, what's next?

Ramond Powell


Some months ago we were introduced to several farmers growing strawberries in Jamaica. Now we've learned that there are farmers growing mushrooms! What's next, blueberries?. One can only hope...

One of the best parts about doing this business is the awesome people we get to meet trying to do equally awesome things across Jamaica in the agricultural industry, or I should say, through the agricultural industry/sector. There are cooperatives and individuals all over trying to diversify Jamaica's agricultural output, usually motivated by some bigger end goal of bolstering the local economy, reducing unemployment and ultimately improving the quality of life for citizens of their communities.

 They tend to be equally driven by the vast earning potential of their selected crop, burning patriotism and a belief that Jamaica can and should be able to produce as good and likely better quality produce than those we currently import. One such groups we were recently made aware of via a WhatsApp message is the Network of Women for Food Security (NOW), which operates out of central and northern Manchester, on a mission to enable women to feed themselves.

One of their chosen crops is the mushroom. In recent months, we have received several requests for mushroom, particularly organic mushroom. Well, here you go, organic oyster mushroom, grown right here in sweet, sweet Jamaica by this awesome group of women. They also grow organic gungo peas and bok choy among other produce. You may read more about them here and click here to order your mushroom and allow 2 days for delivery islandwide.

 Until then....

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