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Strong Back

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The strong back herb is said to be very effective for managing chronic hepatitis C.  It is a climbing vine known scientifically as Desmodium adscendens (sometimes called amor seco or Strong Back herb).

"People with liver pain from this condition have found relief in 24 hours and over a period of 60-90 days their elevated liver enzyme levels drop dramatically. But it doesn’t actually kill the hepatitis virus–it works on liver repair.

The herb which has shown in animal studies to kill the hepatitis virus is called “Chanca Piedra” or Break-Stone. It looks like a small fern and grows in swampy areas of the rainforest."


It is also said to strengthen the back muscles and reproductive organs, relieves impotence and other respiratory ailments, and cleanses the blood and for the relief of menstrual ailments in women.


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