Do have tree at home that produces more than your family can eat?

If yes, then you should sign up for the Farmgate CROP SWAP and stop letting good produce go to waste!

How it works

Sign-up by completing our form telling us about you and your crop. If your crop is in demand and is ready for reaping, just tell us to schedule a date and time to reap the item for you. This is to ensure the integrity of the crop for our consumers, and that you don’t fall out of that big tree you have no business climbing. We will issue you Farmgate credit for your crop at the going wholesale rate (i.e the price we pay to suppliers). You can then use that credit to purchase other items on the website as if it were cash, with no restrictions! To get started, simply click here or complete the form below .

If you have any question, please give us a call at 876-788-1408.